"Brought to life through mainstream theatrical artistic direction, a diverse repertoire and consumer-driven marketing."

Company Background

Established in 1977 and spearheaded by the Hong Kong Government, the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre is the city’s longest-standing and largest professional theatre company. Since its incorporation in 2001, the HKRep operates under the guidance of its Governing Council, employing more than 80 full-time professionals including the artistic team and administrative, technical and educational staff, making it a comprehensive theatre company.
From its founding, the HKRep’s mission is to present “balanced repertory”, providing wide-ranging, diverse theatrical approaches to serve the city’s population at large. In the past 47 years, the HKRep has produced more than 500 works, many becoming classics of the local dramatic canon, consolidating its influence as Hong Kong’s flagship theatre company. 
The HKRep’s mission is to elevate the city’s overall cultural life, strengthen its humanistic spirit, exert Hong Kong’s advantage at the crossroad of cultures East and West, and develop a unique Hong Kong theatre aesthetic.
Areas of Activity
Balanced Repertory – Devising a season comprised of local original works, translations and adaptations of classic and contemporary plays from the Mainland and abroad. The company collaborates with playwrights, directors, actors, designers and other talents within and outside of the company to create artistically excellent mainstream and contemporary theatre productions.
Black Box Theatre – Embodying flexibility and creativity, the Black Box Theatre provides a practical platform for up-and-coming theatrical talents to explore new areas and develop different means and modes of performance and narratives, fostering the long-term development of Hong Kong’s theatrical arts.
Theatre Education – Through the operation of the HKRep Education Hub, the company proactively organises outreach and theatre education programmes to help theatre become part of life. It also utilises the diverse potential of theatrical arts in providing adult and student drama and technical training. The HKRep tours regularly among schools and communities in developing young audiences, nurturing positive social values and attitudes.
International Exchange – The company strengthens ties internationally and with the Mainland by touring programmes that in turn promote Hong Kong’s theatrical culture. The company also endeavours to develop collaborations to expand potential markets beyond Hong Kong.
Theatre Literature – Through such platforms as play development, Reader’s Theatre, seminars, reviews and publications of theatre literature, the HKRep is committed to documenting, preserving and extending research in the dramatic arts.
Dramaturgy – In response to the needs of specific productions or creative projects, the HKRep has instituted the position of Dramaturg to elevate the artistic quality and socio-cultural content of contemporary theatre.
Text Testing Zone – The HKRep provides up-and-coming playwrights with potential opportunities to put on new works with simple staging and technical support, thus testing the quality of their creations as they continue to revise and refine their scripts.
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