Dr. Cheung Ping Kuen, MH
Having taken part in the local theatre arts since early 1970s, Cheung Ping Kuen has been a playwright, a director, an actor, a dramaturg and most continuously, a theatre researcher and critic for more than half a century. He is now the Chairman of International Association of Theatre Critics (HK) and has written numerous theatre critiques and edited some books. 
Cheung was elected by the arts community and appointed member of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council from 1996 to 2007, and was the Chairman of Drama Committee and the Chairman of Arts Support Committee. He was the founding Chairman of the Hong Kong Drama/Theatre and Education Forum (TEFO) and the co-Director of the IDEA World Congress 2007. In 2002, Cheung was awarded Medal of Honour by the Government of Hong Kong SAR in recognition of his contributions to the development of drama arts.
Cheung was the Head of Liberal Arts Studies of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts from 2003 to 2015. He helped establish the School of Chinese Opera and being the Acting Dean for one year. He is still doing part-time teaching for the Academy after his retirement.
Cheung’s MPhil thesis A Study on Huang Tingjian’s Poems – with reference on the influence of his acquaintances was published by the Chinese University Press in 1978. His PhD dissertation topic was The Xiqu Elements in Chinese Modern Drama.
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