• MCL K11 Art House
  • 13.11.2021 - 21.10.2023
Soon after she starts her job, a new principal establishes a host of new rules, upsetting her staff and her students. Gossip swirls that the new principal and vice principal are at loggerheads, poisoning the atmosphere. An accident involving a student leads to the popular vice principal’s transfer. This angers the students, who demand that the authorities officially explain the circumstances and administer justice. A campus crisis is about to explode. Exams are looming, yet a student movement is about to unfold. How should the principal, vice principal, teachers, school board, student council and students handle the crisis? Can the truth be accepted?
Principle originated from Reader’s Theatre presented by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre (HKRep). It came to life on stage in HKRep Black Box and was later produced at the Hong Kong City Hall. In early 2020, the production even travelled to Singapore’s Huayi Festival, where tickets for all five shows at the Esplanade — Theatres on the Bay were sold out in record time. Since its “birth” five years ago, Principle was revised along every step while preserving its initial spark of creativity, inspiring theatregoers with its insightful perspectives gauging the meaning of justice and limitations of the individual. In the role of the principal and vice principal, Lui Si Lan has won the 30th Hong Kong Drama Awards as Best Leading Actress (Tragedy / Drama) and  Ko Hon Man won the 2019 Shanghai One Drama Awards as Best Actor. A brilliant script and a vibrant ensemble cast recreated this hard battle of wits on stage.

  • MCL K11 Art House
  • (1) 13.11.2021 (Sat) 2pm
    (2) 13.11.2021 (Sat) 7:30pm
    (3) 27.11.2021 (Sat) 2pm
    (4) 27.11.2021 (Sat) 7:30pm
    (5) 10.12.2021 (Fri) 7:30pm
    (6) 2.5.2022 (Mon) 2pm
    (7) 11.6.2022 (Sat) 2pm
    (8) 11.7.2022 (Mon) 8pm
    (9) 21.8.2022 (Sun) 2pm
    (10) 23.10.2022 (Sun) 2pm
    (11) 6.11.2022 (Sun) 2pm
    (12) 10.12.2022 (Sat) 4:30pm
    (13) 12.2.2023 (Sun) 3pm
    (14) 15.4.2023 (Sat) 2pm
    (15) 30.7.2023 (Sun) 2pm
    (16) 21.10.2023 (Sat) 3pm
  • $120
  • ^With post-screening sharing session. Conducted in Cantonese.
  • Presented in Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles
  • The screening will last for approximately 105 minutes
  • This film is classified as Category IIB – Not Suitable for Young Persons and Children.

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The 10th Hong Kong Theatre Libre
※Nominee of Best Script - Ivan Kwok
The 30th Hong Kong Drama Awards
 ※Best Leading Actress (Tragedy/Drama) - Lui Si Lan
The 28th Hong Kong Drama Awards
※Outstanding Production of the Year
※Nominee of Best Original Script - Kwok Wing Hong
※Nominee of Best Actor (Tragedy/Drama) - Ko Hon Man
※Nominee of Best Supporting Actor (Tragedy/Drama) - Chris Sun
※Nominee of Best Supporting Actress (Tragedy/Drama) - Wong Suet Ip
2019 Shanghai One Drama Awards
※Best Actor - Ko Hon Man
※Nominee of Best Script - Kwok Wing Hong
2022 Asian Academy Creative Awards 
※Best Feature Film 
※Best Screenplay - Kwok Wing Hong


Cast & Production Team
Playwright Ivan Kwok
Director Fong Chun Kit
Video Director Siubo Ho
Cast Lui Si Lan
Ko Hon Man
Chris Sun
Wong Suet Ip
Poon Tai Ming
Set and Costume Designer Jan Wong
Lighting Designer Yeung Tsz Yan
Composer & Sound Designer Fung King Hong
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